Vacation Rental Management Business

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For Sale $399,000.00 - Business

Annual and Seasonal Rental Business

This vacation rental management business has been in operation for over 12 years. The rental portfolio consists of 155 properties. 40 of which are annual unfurnished properties and the others are all seasonal vacation rentals in prestigious gated communities.  Property types vary from condos, twin villas, coach homes and single-family homes.

Vacationers come from all over the world. Owners currently have a working business relationship with a professional baseball team to secure housing for upper management and coaching staff.  Majority of renters and business is returning from previous seasons before.

Operation Headquarters

Also located in close proximity to all the rentals. The office provides an open door policy for new business, and even sales opportunities. The Office is approximately 1000 sq ft and provides an open door foot traffic for new rentals and inquiries. The expenses for the office are listed in the company financials.

Ideal candidates for taking over the business should expect to be 100% devoted and hands on with the property owners and the needs of all the seasonal renters.

The care and effort for the professional baseball team’ s responsibilities and coordination of these 25-30 seasonal rentals takes months and extensive care.  This particular client does not pay for each individual property, rather they pay all at once.  This same client requires special attention at all hours of the day especially during the arrival week.

Most associations allow only 4 rentals a year and the paperwork is specific for each section of the country clubs.  Rentals must be a minimum of 30 days.


Every single rental in the company is conveniently located within 5 miles of RSW International Airport Fort Myers.

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